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Full World Voyager / QM2 2023


Ellen Frazer-Jameson is a professional communicator working in media, print and theatre. A former BBC broadcaster and Fleet Street journalist, Ellen is a published author, theatrical producer, director and performer. Ellen was president of a theatrical company on Miami Beach and in the UK principal of her own children's theatre school. She co-presented the largest late-night audience show in Europe on BBC Radio 2. For individuals and small businesses she is a life coach, mentor and trainer and to relax she dances Argentine tango.

Thank you for visiting. If you love romance, glamour, travel and fashion, you've come to the right place. My novels are set in exotic locations with beautiful characters who live gold-plated lives.Their stories generate compelling story lines with stunning plot twists and turns. My motto is 'why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary'. Step into a world of love filled with wonder, peak experiences and adventure. But beware, wealth never protected anyone from heartbreak.

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