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102 days, 31 ports, 18 countries.

Queen Mary 2 World Centenary Voyage

Ellen Frazer-Jameson reporting live from Queen Mary 2


21 JANUARY 2023 | Queen Mary 2 : Current location is at East Mediterranean

(coordinates 31.84489 N / 32.57641 E) cruising en route to SUEZ CANAL.

The Sailaway from Heraklion was held on the Terrace pool deck. DJ Tracey played dance music but the party atmosphere was subdued due to the cold weather front that has been pursuing us. One passenger braved the jacuzzi but most others stayed warm and wrapped up in outer wear lounging on the Verandah.


On Saturday, I visited the Atlantic Room on Deck 11 to confirm a question asked by a reader of this blog. They wanted to know if there is a designated area on board for World Voyagers of whom there are more than 900. Yes, the Atlantic room is the Concierge Lounge for those who are completing the journey Southampton to Southampton or New York to New York. The Room is open from 9am-noon and from 2pm – 5pm. Coffee is available and a member of the ship's staff is there to answer to questions.

The Atlantic Room (a card room) is the ideal venue to make new friends and to keep up to date with all aspects of life onboard.


Art or Vandalism

Clarendon Galley on Deck 3, stage exhibitions of art showcasing their extensive collections which includes classic and contemporary art work. They hold auctions and host art events designed to give passengers insider information on famous artists and the psychology of art. Clarendon have over 80 galleries Nationwide and they are the art gallery of choice on over 20 cruise ships. Art lectures are held in the Queens’ Room and the latest presentation, Art or Vandalism attracted a full house. Art expert, Alex, exhibited a range of paintings and asked the audience, “Would you call this Art or vandalism?” Much of the lecture focused on the most famous global street artist, Banksy . Unfortunately, the question many people hoped to have answered regarding his identity was not revealed. Within art circles it is said to be an open secret but every time the artist comes close to being exposed, Banksy puts up smoke screens and his identity escapes detection. It is his signature, Dali had his moustache, Banksy has his anonymity. Banksy uses his art to project positive messages and he donates vast amounts of money to charity. A painting he did for the NHS in his home country of Great Britain raised 16.5 million pounds for the organisation.

CLAREDON GALLERY (photo from the archives of JD Schwartz)

Banksy started his street art in 2006 and he deliberately goes all out to shock. The art world was horrified when a painting of his, which had just sold for mega amounts of money, slipped from its frame straight into a shredder.

Graffiti art has become a recognised creative form and in places like Miami, Wynwood Walls, where a down at heel, downtown area attracts thousands of visitors a year.

Banksy has become a mentor to a street artist called Mr. Brainwash, this artist has taken Banksy’s stencilled and contemporary black and white art to a new level with colourful messages in mixed mediums. The two are collaborating in a series of artistic stunts that have stunned the art world.

The Clarendon Gallery on board QM2 has one Banksy work of art. Price on application. The drawing features a portrait of Princess Diana on a banknote. To discover whether the note is genuine the buyer receives just one half of the note, the other half is held in a safe by Banksy. A mantra of modern-day graffiti is explained in the statement , “Some people become vandals to make the world a more beautiful place.

If an example of vandalised art would look good on a wall back in your home, Clarendon ships art all over the world. The gallery rotates their exhibitions frequently and it is always worth a look to see the latest trends in art.



A message from the Captain of Queen Mary 2

Saturday 21st January 2023

* This is standard protocol for all passenger ships

During our sea passage between 25-27 January, we will be transiting the Bab el Mandeb and Gulf of Aden. This is an area well documented in the global media with regard to the threat from piracy. Therefore, when at sea during this period we will be operating a higher level of security alertness.

Queen Mary 2 will be routed through an internationally recommended transit corridor and we will be under the protection of an International Task Force assigned by a United Nations mandate to protect merchant ships from a piracy threat.

Our security plan is in place to protect the ship and all on board at all times and therefore during the dates detailed above and whilst operating at the higher level of security, I strongly request your assistance and cooperation.

In order to familiarise yourself with the actions required during a piracy threat, we will be holding an anti-piracy drill. The drill will be conducted in the interests of your personal safety and security and I therefore respectfully request your full cooperation in this important exercise.

The following actions will be required of all guests.

· You should move quickly and calmly to the inside of the ship. Do not remain on any open-deck area or near external windows.

· You should proceed directly to your staterooms. If your stateroom has a window or balcony you should move to the corridor immediately outside your stateroom and sit on

either a chair or the floor.

* If you occupy an inside /inboard stateroom please remain in your stateroom.

* Your stateroom stewards will conduct a full check of their section to ensure all guests are accounted for.

I recognise that some of the measures being implemented may impact the guest experience, however I must stress that the safety and security of every individual on the ship is our highest priority. While the risk to the cruise industry is considered to be extremely low, we still need to remain vigilant and alert.

Master -RMS Queen Mary 2

* * * * *

And finally, to clarify the furnishings in the GRILLS and Britannia Club Restaurants, Joshua assembled this image...some had questioned the quality of the chairs (and with missing armrests) - recognising, as an observation, those in the Princess Grill could perhaps use an upgrade.



  • Transiting the Suez Canal

  • Next Port: Safaga, Egypt

  • JD Schwartz' Queen Mary 2 iconic photography

* * * * *


CURRENT POSITON AND SEA STATE: 21 January 2023 | GMT 15:35

21 JANUARY 2023 | Queen Mary 2 : Current location is at East Mediterranean

(coordinates 31.84489 N / 32.57641 E) cruising en route to SUEZ CANAL.

GMT: 16:00

SMOOTH SAILING TODAY - .6 Metres (2 feet)


Photo of the day (from the archives of JD Schwartz)



Further updates will be posted as soon as we get them from Ellen onboard Queen Mary 2.

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Ken RT
Ken RT
2023년 1월 24일

Whilst waiting for QM2 to get around the Gulf of Aden may I share a picture of Queen Victoria (QM2 will pass her on the Great Barrier reef) in a busy Phillipsburg on her journey west.


Ken RT
Ken RT
2023년 1월 21일

So many of you full worlders -900! The anti piracy drills, fascinating. Thanks for answering the Atlantic and chairs questions.

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