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25 January 2023

102 days, 31 ports, 18 countries.

Queen Mary 2 World Centenary Voyage

Ellen Frazer-Jameson reporting live from Queen Mary 2


Centenary World Club Travellers were invited to an exclusive Captain’s Cocktail Party. Gold, Platinum and Diamond members, almost 1,000 guests on the list. These Cunard loyal members have completed a grand total of 7,578 voyages on QM2, adding up to 155,199 days on board, covering 425 years.

Gala Night - full evening dress.

At this event, Cunard celebrate some very special passengers. The three most travelled guests on board are all ladies; one guest from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, another from Hampshire, UK and the star of the night, Dennie Farmer, who has completed nine World Voyages and is now enjoying her tenth. Dennie has travelled 2,101 days on QM2. She is a delightful lady, known to all the officers and crew. One evening I shared her dinner table, she kept the table entertained with stories of her travels. Congratulations, Dennie, and may you sail many more miles on the beautiful QM2.



It comes as no surprise that the most travelled single guests are ladies. A World Voyage is an indulgence with over 100 days to enjoy the luxury of life onboard. However, cruising in general is a wonderful way to see the world, there is a real ease in showing up at the terminal, unpacking in your stateroom for the duration of the trip knowing that the ship is now your home from home. On board an ocean liner or cruise ship, every possible assistance is given to make travel comfortable and stress free. A community quickly forms around the various activities that bring people together while the same staff look after you in the stateroom, a lounge or at the dinner table.

Travelling solo is extremely popular on cruise ships. There are always available fellow travellers to team up with on shore excursions and for events on board. Judging from the Solo get togethers I have attended, the ratio is roughly one man to ten women but some solos do very quickly become duos. I met one gentleman who told me he had lost his wife one year ago and on day two of the World Voyage he met a new lady companion in the Golden Lion pub. They have bee inseparable ever since. I have made many trips to destinations all over the world. I never classify myself as single, but am happy to be solo. I am alone, never lonely, when there are another over 2,000 people on a ship.

One huge bonus on Cunard ship’s for passengers who enjoy dancing, as I do, is that there are designated dance hosts. Super - friendly professional dancers who partner with those who do not have companions. They are experienced in dancing with people with all levels of skill and they make even a beginning dancer look good on the dance floor.


Thank you, Sue, Adrian, Constantine and Lyle for making the evening dancing to the Queen’s Room orchestra a pleasure, no need for anyone to be feel left out.

Whatever your interests there are many activities such as bridge clubs, the perennial jigsaw puzzle, gallery exhibits, competitive, fun sports including deck games and fitness fans featuring the daily deck walkers who form groups. It is easy to strike up a conversation with fellow passengers, there is always the standard opening, “Did you go on a shore excursion?”

Being a regular cruiser, I have been able to establish over the years what suits me best for my travel. Dinner table companions are the perfect place to start making new friends. Solo travellers are invited and typically situated to join a table of other people who are travelling alone but I prefer a mixed table. On this World Voyage, my table has one married couple and four solos, one American, five Brits. At other mealtimes, I prefer to eat alone but if I do join a table with other passengers I have always found people to be welcoming. After all, one of the great delights of cruising is igniting new friendships.

Many guests meet up with fellow travelers they have met on previous voyages with who they have become long-life friends. Travel expands the mind and it can extend your circle of friends. I recommend it. A smile opens all doors.

* * * * *

Current position of Queen Mary 2: Under way from Safaga to Salalah

  • Departure was 1 d 19 hrs 8 min ago. (at 23:00 h local time)

  • Arrival will be in 2 d 10 hrs 52 min. (at 07:00 h local time)

  • Traveled distance since Safaga: 574.52 nm (1,064.02 km)

  • Remaining distance to Salalah: 1,134.98 nm (2,101.98 km)

  • Traveled distance since Southampton: 4,352.94 nm (8,061.64 km)

Happy Sailing ...The Journey continues...




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  • On the horizon: Salalah, Oman

  • Queen Mary 2 - The Last Ocean Liner?

* * * * *


Photo of the day (from the archives of JD Schwartz)


Further updates will be posted as soon as we get them from Ellen onboard Queen Mary 2.

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1 Comment

Feb 02, 2023

Lovely to hear about Dennie, and delighted she is still taking her annual winter world cruise. We have met her twice aboard, and had the pleasure of her company at dinner for two weeks from Singapore to Dubai in March 2019. Please say hallo to her from Terry and Rita in chilly Winchester!

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